Porting Medium to Jekyll Github.io with R

Steve Simpson bio photo By Steve Simpson

[this transition post is a copy from my Medium account for your comparison.]

I’m porting my Medium blog to host on Github using Jekyll at data-steve.github.io. I decided to do it with code and make a package out of it in case others might want to.


Only after setting up the Medium blog did I realize that it doesn’t meet R-bloggers needs for syndication, since Medium will only share an excerpt of the post with a link to the rest. R-bloggers wants the whole post. Seems fair.

It’s extra work to port over from Medium, but I like the idea of being able to work within my own development environment. And instead of having to learn a bunch of keyboard shortcuts for adding code and links, as I did for Medium, I can write code and execute commands and push updates via Jekyll and RStudio or SublimeText, for example.


Since I’m bothering to post this on Medium, I thought I’d get some use out of it. I’ll show how I did it as a post on my new blog.

Here’s a code chunk to round out my porting example

# test code
nothing_special <- function(a){

Here’s a screenshot of a random bit of the code from the R package I’m writing to show how the images are handled.

See you over at data-steve.github.io. There I’ll document and share the R code I used to transition my Medium content over, likely in the form of github package notes.